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We tell stories

Powerful storytelling delivers your messages and builds your brand. It’s all about creating targeted brand messaging. That’s how we engage and convert more customers.

We work with both established companies that need to reboot their brands and start-ups looking for a way to turn heads. Our words delight, entice and educate.

We put words in their place

We custom build your brand messaging for strategic application. These hard working words will do the job in marketing campaigns; articles, blogs and websites; product packaging and brochures; newsletters and books; explainer vdo’s and corporate dvds..

We create brand stories from scratch or rescue the unremarkable. What do you need?

This is brand storytelling at Two Red Crows.

Lean on a TEAM OF EXPERTS to wag the right tongues

Working with both established companies that need to reboot their brand and cutting-edge start-ups looking for a way to turn heads, we hold the hands of many B2B companies taking a leap in the dark.

We make things GO FURTHER by attaching rockets to their ankles

In a world that can be lonesome for words that don’t like to travel solo, we pair them with website development and design, graphic design and layout, and video production.

Let’s deploy COMPETITIVE COPYWRITING and make this puppy fly

We weaponize your brand vocabulary, assisting you to shoot straight with marketing strategies, good signage, strong calls-to-action and web content with SEO best practices.


Better brand storytelling will give you the edge. For every brand message or campaign, there is a vehicle, a delivery-guy, and a road. Yes, there is also the magnificent white noise of the competitive marketplace, but this is the story about getting your message to your potential customer, so don’t be distracted by the dancing girls.

You’re thinking, How hard can it be?

So you go ahead and custom-build a vehicle, based on a marketing strategy three years in the making and SEO best practices.You like to play things close to the chest, so the delivery-guy is your nephew, Joe – he’s done this a few times, so he knows the drill.  Halfway down the road, the package comes undone.  Bits of brand reputation fly out of the window.  Vision is obscured and Joe loses control of the vehicle.

Bet you wish you’d tied it all together properly.

We create and deliver powerful messages to responsive audiences.


It’s easy to stay top-of-mind when you’re posting interesting memes on your social media. Build a quality reputation with memes that tell your story.

Get your own memes

Choose the best meme deal here


While you’re very busy attending to the business of doing business, who is going to write your web content or blog?

Seems like every SEO expert and his dog is saying that without fresh web content, even your very well-designed website is slowly spiraling into obscurity.  In the great race for online traffic, can you afford to wash up where even Google can’t find you?

We’ll help you attract and retain online customers with original content that:

speaks in your voice,

• delivers your key messages,

• entices with your keywords,

delivers a kicking call-to-action …

and is found on the first search engine results page.

Here’s your chance to get the fresh, original blogs and articles that will generate leads … without taking your eye off your real business.


We Write Great Articles And Blogs. Get Yours Here.



Our bulk article writing service can make your job much easier. If you are an online marketing provider burdened with the task of introducing regular, fresh content onto your clients’ websites, we can help.

Do you use blog articles as part of your strategy to secure a great SERP ranking? Our service is designed to remove the anxiety that comes with sourcing and managing a team of writers, editors, and proofreaders. We give you the freedom to concentrate on doing what you do best. So forge ahead with delivering results-driven SEO and other online marketing; we’ll write the articles.

We provide a variety of articles at different price points for English-speaking clients across the globe. Most popular is the 350-word article. Written directly onto your client’s WordPress site, we use your assigned keywords and tick all the SEO blocks.

Do you need fresh blog articles for a number of clients each week?


We produce and place over two million words each year. That’s hardly a one wo(man) task. Your stories are compiled by Two Red Crows writers who work virtually, and are accustomed to living between a deadline and the deep blue sea, with only their wits, their words, and a flagon of coffee to keep it real. They’re polished by editors who recognise a good word when they read it, know how to wield an apostrophe, and promise not to faint at the mention of SEO. They’re displayed by the we-work-best-after-midnight graphic designer and IT team and our social media manager, who jealously guards your online reputation. The whole process is marshalled by gatekeeping project managers who hate a bottleneck and like to sway gently to a high volume, detail bedevilled, deadline driven tune. The Two Red Crows team holds your target audience in the palm of their hand, and whispers benefit-benefit-benefit not into their ears, but directly into their hearts.

 Your brand stories are in good hands.

Chirene Words That Work

The copywriter in Chirene plots the shortest path from the benefits of your product, service or brand to the heart of the consumer. Going as the crow flies, your content will include calls to action, search engine optimization and other technical finessing to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Her adventurous side gets giddy at the mere mention of a trip to the library.


Making time warp along a crescent path that rises and falls with the keeping of secrets, a crow sits in the shade of a nutmeg tree. Quiet, observant, deep in thought. Until it is time to crow VERY LOUDLY about (your) splendid treasures carefully uncovered (you).

If you, too, are tempted by the world of words to create a new, better, brighter, lighter reality. Shall we?  +27 76 593 6090 +27 83 233 3922


“I’ve been working with Two Red Crows for over 4 years, in which time our working relationship continues to prosper. Their dedication, attention to detail and all round professionalism- with every task they undertake- has been vitally important for our business to continue functioning successfully.”

2MagpiesSEO –
Chris Wellman

“Two Red Crows is the first marketing company that doesn’t just ask, “What’s the budget?” but is working with us to successfully develop a marketing approach and solutions that generate more income for ourselves and our clients.”

Managing Director Opslogik –
Konrad Bartel

“Two Red Crows has a great feel for the messaging and brand image we are trying to create.”

General Manager Shark Shield –
Amanda Wilson

“You rock. Even your follow-up emails are clever.”

Founder Cubicle Ninjas –
Josh Farkas

“I have been using Two Red Crows’ services for some time now and I’m very pleased with their work.”

Danone ELN General Secretary Team –
Anu Wolters


 We look forward to working with you!

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