We produce and place over two million words each year. That’s hardly a one wo(man) task. Your stories are compiled by Two Red Crows writers who work virtually, and are accustomed to living between a deadline and the deep blue sea, with only their wits, their words, and a flagon of coffee to keep it real. They’re polished by editors who recognise a good word when they read it, know how to wield an apostrophe, and promise not to faint at the mention of SEO. They’re displayed by the we-work-best-after-midnight graphic designer and IT team and our social media manager, who jealously guards your online reputation. The whole process is marshalled by gatekeeping project managers who hate a bottleneck and like to sway gently to a high volume, detail bedevilled, deadline driven tune. The Two Red Crows team holds your target audience in the palm of their hand, and whispers benefit-benefit-benefit not into their ears, but directly into their hearts.

 Your brand stories are in good hands.

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