How To Write A Good SEO Article

If you’re wondering how to write a good SEO article or blog, follow this easy-to-read template and you’ll have a winner. At Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling, we write over a million words a year, and all of them have a job to do. For companies who don’t have the time to dedicate to producing fresh content, we remove the burden of coming up with individual SEO articles week after week, giving them freedom to concentrate on doing what they do best. This is how we do it.

Look! Your keyword in an eye-catching sub-heading

We place your keyword right up front, so that it appears in the blog teaser. This will encourage the user to click through to the whole blog post to find out more, secure in the knowledge that they are on the right track. It is all about building trust, right? When we upload the article to your WordPress blog, we include two hyperlinks. One will lend credibility to the article with anchor text from a respected source; the other will make it easy for the reader to make contact. We talk directly to your target audience in your brand voice.

We use your keyword only three to five times in your SEO article, including at the beginning of the second paragraph. Keyword stuffing is something to avoid because it both irritates the reader and will go punished by Google.  It is important to remember that your article must appeal to both Google’s bots (otherwise it won’t find its way onto the first SERP) and the human user (otherwise it won’t be read).We aim for easy reading, taking care to avoid jargon and highfalutin English. Shorter sentences are better. We also like to include a list because:

  1. people find lists easy to read;
  2. Google likes lists for SEO; and
  3. lists make your article look more interesting.

Add one more sub-heading to your SEO article

Your keyword is also used in the third paragraph. This is the call-to-action section. Not everyone wants something as blatant as “call us because we are the best.” Some clients prefer to leave the reader with a question, inviting them to wonder or to click through to find out more. What do you think?

Posted on 1 March 2017 in SEO articles

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