“I’ve been working with Two Red Crows for over 4 years, in which time our working relationship continues to prosper. Their dedication, attention to detail and all round professionalism- with every task they undertake- has been vitally important for our business to continue functioning successfully.”

2MagpiesSEO – www.2-magpies.co.uk
Chris Wellman

“Two Red Crows is the first marketing company that doesn’t just ask, “What’s the budget?” but is working with us to successfully develop a marketing approach and solutions that generate more income for ourselves and our clients.”

Managing Director Opslogik – www.opslogik.com
Konrad Bartel

“Two Red Crows has a great feel for the messaging and brand image we are trying to create.”

General Manager Shark Shield – www.sharkshield.com
Amanda Wilson

“You rock. Even your follow-up emails are clever.”

Founder Cubicle Ninjas – www.cubicleninjas.com
Josh Farkas

“I have been using Two Red Crows’ services for some time now and I’m very pleased with their work.”

Danone ELN General Secretary Team – www.danone.com
Anu Wolters

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